Frequently Asked Questions
  • My question is not listed below. How do I get ahold of a person to answer my question?

    For the United States and Puerto Rico, you can call 855-324-0075 or email

    For Canada, you can call 1-833-835-5039 for Hankook rebates or 1-833-840-4240 for Laufenn.

  • I mailed in a rebate and never received a response.

    Depending on when you purchased your tires, your rebate could be associated with rebate prior to the Fall Classic 2019 or is associated with your tire retailer. The Hankook and Laufenn sponsored rebates are online-only submission and does not have a physical form for the purpose of mailing. Please reach out to your retailer if your rebate was a mail-in rebate. Unfortunately, our support team can only assist with Hankook and Laufenn Sponsored rebates.”

  • I purchased my tires in Canada. Where should I go for my rebate?

    We only oversee Hankook rebates for the United States and Puerto Rico. Canadian rebates are handled by a different team. Here are the contact details, depending on what tires you bought:

    Hankook Products:
    o 1-833-835-5039
    o 2020 Hankook Tire Spring Rebate Program (March 15th-May 31st 2019):
    Kinergy PT, Kinergy ST, Dynapro HP2, Dynapro AT2: $80 for all patterns

    Laufenn Products:
    o 1-833-840-4240
    o 2020 Laufenn Tire Spring Rebate Program (March 15th-May 31st 2019):
    S Fit AS, X Fit AT: $40 for all patterns

  • Who should I contact about an older rebate that may no longer be active?

    Our support team still handles any inquiries regarding the 2019 Fall Classic (8/31/2019-10/13/2019) and any online-only Hankook rebates offered through since then If you have issues with a rebate prior to the Fall Classic 2019, please email our support team at and we will forward your request to the appropriate party to research and respond as these rebates were handled by a prior vendor.

  • Is there a postal mail-in option for rebate submission?

    For several reasons including processing efficiency, timeliness, and environmental concerns, this rebate is online only and paperwork must be submitted in a digital format.

  • How do I obtain a digital copy of my invoice?

    o The most common method is to take a picture with your phone. This will give you a digital copy of your invoice that you can either submit from your phone directly or email to yourself in order to submit it from a computer.

    o If you have access to a scanner, you can scan the invoice onto a computer. Then you can attach the file to your rebate submission.

    o The dealer you bought your tires from should be willing to send you a digital copy of your receipt through email upon request.

  • Can I fax in my rebate information?

    Digital submission is preferred but we do allow fax submissions as well. Be sure to include your name, email, phone number, and mailing address along with your paperwork so we know who to submit it for.

    We have the following fax numbers:
    319-294-8013 and 319-294-5678
  • How long does it take for my rebate claim to be processed?

    Your Digital rebate submissions can take up to 8-10 weeks to process from the time you submit the request to the day you receive your rebate card in the mail. You can check your rebates status at and selecting the “Check Your Rebate Status” Button on the homepage.

  • How can I receive my rebate faster?

    Exciting news starting in 2020! You now have the option to obtain your rebate card electronically. Once your rebate is complete, you will receive an email stating your rebate has been processed. Simply click the link and choose your card option for Electronic Delivery.